Monday, November 26, 2007

Gobble gobble!

Another turkey day has passed and with it (aside from the poor turkey) another cold. I am finally feeling sorta human after spending most of my vacation in bed or on the couch. I spent entirely too much time working during my time off. That would include ANY time I spent working. Of course you can do that even when you are sick. . . if you are sitting on the couch. . .
We tried to enjoy ourselves this holiday. As much as you can when you are trying repeatedly to hack up a lung. We spent several hours at my in-laws on thursday and did the traditional dinner. Some of H's family were in town and then some we just don't get the chance to see very often. Saturday J & M and of course Mrs. B came over for a holiday meal. I will admit that I pushed for it to be at my house since I am practically chained to my laptop. I think it went pretty well. Mom got here around 8am and she and I started getting the turkey ready. We ran to the store and barely got back in time for J & M to arrive. We had a great meal and it was good to see J & M again. I don't get to see/talk with them nearly enough since they moved. H & I had to pass on their offer to go up to the Bone for drinks etc. that evening. Once our drugs wore off we were back to coughing like crazy. We ended up vegging on the couch and being as lazy as possible on Sunday. H is still coughing a lot but I think we are both nearly healthy again. I can't wait. I just left the house for the 2nd time in a week today to go to work. I have been cooped up for so long I am almost looking forward to Christmas shopping. That alone speaks volumes. Anyway, I hope everyone is well and has a happy, safe, and healthy holiday season.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Ugh. . .

So I had thought I had kicked the cold. It turns out it was just lying in wait like black ice on a Minnesota freeway. I had what I thought was another allergy attack yesterday. Machine gun sneezing and just feeling all over crappy was the theme of the day. Today is much worse. I have no energy left. I have been trying to sleep or lie on the couch all day. That did not work either. I have a client going live tomorrow at work so of course something work related had to happen. I have been working pretty much all weekend anyway trying to get this stuff ready. I thought I had made it. I was wrong. Again. (You see how often this happens?) Anyway, some asshat in charge of this project thought it would be a good idea to run the daily interfaces for this client when there is absolutely no support staff available. I have managed to run 2 out of 5 programs after debugging them. Keep in mind, I was never given a chance to actually test this stuff. The programs that needed to be in place for me to run my automation were not available until either Thursday or Friday. Now I sit here feeling like microwaved shit and trying to communicate with coworkers via email to get this stuff done. This is the weekend. Nobody is around. I don't see this ending very well and right now I just don't fucking care.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Tis the season to get sick. . . wait what?

It is once again that time of year. Thoughts of turkey dinner, mashed potatoes, and stuffing. Family gatherings and lazy days. Not to mention all the craziness of shopping for Christmas. This time of year also tends to bring sickness. I had been hoping that this year I would avoid the plague since I am not dealing directly with the public on a daily basis. I was wrong. H brought home something this past week that has knocked me out. My energy levels are very low and what little I can do wears me out quickly. I have been working from home for the past few days in an attempt to recover more quickly. I think I am almost there. I really hope so because I have a backlog of stuff to finish around the house in preparation for the cold weather. I still have to put plastic on 9 windows just for a start. I have also been trying to build a "loft" in my garage so I can improve on my storage and also so I can access the furnace mounted on my ceiling. I have made pretty good progress considering I have been ill. I have tried to put an hour or two a night in on the project and am hoping the framing and flooring will be done by late sunday. I am also looking forward to the guys coming over again this saturday to play music again. We are sucking less every week. Pretty soon we might even be good enough to be heard by the general public. Well soon enough anyway.

Work is still crazy as hell but I feel like I am getting a better handle on stuff. I have two new people lined up to start in my department. Now I not only have to do all the work but I also have to train people in. What fun!!! This should eventually make it possible for me to have somewhat of a social life again and I am really looking forward to that.