Tuesday, December 12, 2006

No rest for the wicked

I have been keeping very busy lately. I have not really sat aside the time to update this blog but as I previously stated, I am really not that good at putting things down. Work has been good but the Monday - Saturday schedule pretty much sucks. I have been trying to spend a couple of hours a night working on the house and at the rate I am going I should have the inside painted by spring. I did promise that I would take a break from painting until after the holidays. I still however have to do some carpet cleaning and I have to reassemble a bathroom. It is still undetermined whether or not we will be hosting any out of state guests over Christmastime. The holidays have come again with their various unexpected crises. The wife's car has been acting funny lately. As a former motorhead I am fairly stumped with its behavior. The battery has died without reason 3 times now. Once after replacing it with a brand spankin' new Sears and Roebuck "Die Hard". Now this poor car has been through a lot in the last few years and has held up remarkably well. Last winter Wife(tm) was in an accident and broke her headlight. Now all of the sudden the damn thing won't stay in place!!! It had been flopping about while driving and now the blinkers don't work. I will be working on that this evening. It is a good think I can carpool to work in the morning. Oh, wait. I did not have to carpool this morning. It was 62 fucking degrees in my bedroom this morning and dropping when I awoke! I guess I get to work from home and pay 50 bucks to have someone out to tell me the BRAND NEW FUCKING THERMOSTAT that I just put in is a COMPLETE PIECE OF BROKEN SHIT!!! At least it was not more serious, but when I inspect the new thermostat I realize that it has been installed somewhere before! Man I love exclamation points! I think I am going to use them more often!!!!!!! Now what kind of scheming cheap ass returns a thermostat that has obviously been installed for quite a while (the mounting plate was yellowed with age)? And what in my hurry to install said device caused me to miss this? I don't have any answers. I will look a bit more closely at the second coming of "Thermostat" in any case. Anyway, I had to spew a little bile forth for the holiday spirit. Now I will be taking the advice of my mother and "chilling out". At least until it gets warm in here again. . .

Saturday, December 2, 2006

Can I please just sleep?

I am awake again. It seems to be a never ending cycle. No matter if I go to bed early or not I can't seem to get a full nights rest. I went to sleep last night at 1:00 which is early for me on a Friday night. I had my holiday party for Insurity so I did not have to work at the bar. I have been up 4 times since I tried to go to sleep. For some reason my dog Bandit seems to think that I really am the only person around after the lights go off. I managed to sleep for about 30 minutes before she arrived the first time. I awoke to a dog standing on my head. This would not be so bad if she were a little thing, but she weighs in at about 25 - 30 lbs. She also has really bony legs. . . Of course I cannot fault her for waking me, she had to pee. Heather had managed to fall asleep on the couch so she was obviously not going to be paying attention. The second time she showed up she stood at the side of the bed and layed her paws out in front of her and scratched at my pillow. It was not her intent but she also managed to scratch my nose. This time she was afraid. Heather's cell phone was not charged and I could hear it chirping from the kitchen (my dog is a pussy). After plugging in the cell phone I crawled back in bed and had to hold Bandit until she calmed down. I am really not getting much sleep at this point. At 7:30 this morning she has come back. *Groan* Now we have to go out again. It is bitterly cold outside as the wind is whipping around my house from the open field across the road. We go outside and she has to smell EVERYTHING!!! On a good day it takes her 10 minutes to find a location worthy of depositing her urine. On cold days we can double or even possibly triple that time frame. I finally get back to bed and warm up over the course of 30 minutes or so. Finally, I can get some uninterrupted sleep. 9:30. . . She is back. . . can't this damn dog consolidate. Now we have to poop. This is the big one. The spot we find to deposit our feces must be perfect. There can be no compromise. We will have an in depth survey of every inch of my half acre lot just to find that Shangrila of pooping places. This gets really old really fast when your ears are frozen solid. It must be time to break out my hunting gear for prolonged exposure. Once again I manage to get back inside and find that now I am fully awake. I have to work in 7 hours. I will be tired well before then. As I type this I am contemplating going back to bed. And Bandit is sitting by my side with her head on my leg. A sure sign she wants to go out.

Friday, December 1, 2006

I am not sure why. . .

I started this blog. I am not really that good at putting stuff down. Oh well we shall see how it all ends up.