Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bass guitar build Post #33

IT'S ALIVE!!!!! Doing some finishing work. Yesterday and today I spent a few hours filing, shaping, and fitting the nut.

Rough fitting...

More filing and rounding...

Final fit.

Barely any adjustment to the truss rod and the action is looking really good. The neck was damn near perfectly flat/straight. I guess I did something right along the way. Still have to adjust the bridge and intonate the strings.

Tuned up and wiring tested. Sounds pretty damn good. After the intonation/bridge adjustments all that is left is one pesky switch (I bypassed it for now) which is on back order.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bass guitar build Post #32

Buffing completed and hardware installation underway.

Soldering leads to the input jack.

Input jack installed.

Finished recessed input jack.

Installed dedicated volume knobs for each pickup as well as a concentric knob (bottom of the knob controls bass and the top controls treble) for the on board preamp.

Wiring so far. Waiting on a switch before I can finish up the electronics and test it out.

Nut blank in place. Still have to file the string slots and shape the nut.

Barring any issues with parts being shipped or electronics giving me a hard time this should be finished up within the next week or so.