Tuesday, August 5, 2008

August already? Better paraphrase my update

I have not kept up with this blog very well. I just can't seem to get the energy to tell you all about my incredibly dull life. All I seem to do is work, clean house, work on projects, practice music (with or without the band), and not sleep enough.

The latest hire for my department at work seemed to be a good thing at first. He was a little young but he knew his shit. We made rapid progress getting stuff done. Then it becomes apparent that he is a bit of a mental basket case. I started feeling like a high school counselor. Needless to say it wasn't working out as well as I had hoped. My worries did not have to last very long however as New Guy #2 was terminated. It turns out that he lied on his resume. He stated that he possessed a Bachelors degree in IT when really he was a few credits shy.

Markov Chain has been progressing well even though we have had difficulties with schedules. We are all still very committed but it gets hard when life keeps intruding.

The storms that rolled through here in May trashed my roof and knocked holes in my siding. It has been a long tortuous process to get all of this sorted out. Today was supposed to be the day that our roof got done. The shingles were supposed to be delivered yesterday. I got home from the office around 4:45 and still no shingles. So I called the contractor. He "wasn't in the office" so he said he would call me back as soon as he figured out what was wrong, assuring me all the while that the delivery truck was probably just late.
It wasn't late. About 6:45 or so I finally got a call back. Not from the contractor but from the rep I had dealt with getting this all set up. He jumps in right away saying "I just found out that your shingles are on back order". So I replied: "You just found out because I called your contractor to find out why they aren't sitting IN MY FUCKING DRIVEWAY!!! Since the roof was to be replaced tomorrow I figured that they might possibly need those. . ." Of course he hemmed and hawed and promised shit just like every other low life piece of shit sales person out there. Since I rearranged my work and band practice schedule to accommodate this work that was supposed to get done you can imagine that I was very pleased to hear this news. We are now waiting for new shingles to come in. We were offered the option of picking a new color. What??? Why the fuck would I want to pick a new color? I picked the original color because why? Because that is the fucking color I picked DAMMIT! Anyway, I am sure the guys will give me shit for changing practice around so I could work from home and NOT have the roof done today. I am tempted to call the contractor and tell them to just forget it. *sigh*