Saturday, February 17, 2007


Here I am minding my own business and out of the blue I get tagged. Now I actually have to engage my mental faculties and try to come up with 5 odd things about myself. Please bear with me because I don't know that I am really that odd.

1. I have been described as an "Undercover geek" because I really like fantasy/science fiction, I play mmorpg video games, I work as a computer programmer, and I don't fit the typical visual type.

2. I am very well liked. Most people would assume that is because I am a really nice guy. Now this can be true depending on the situation, however I see myself as being ornery, cantankerous, and extremely anal. Also I find that I have a very short amount of patience for anything or anyone I consider to be ignorant and/or tiresome.

3. I have a great memory for peoples faces and what they drink (legacy of too many years as a bartender) yet for the life of me have the hardest damn time remembering names.

4. I have an aptitude for figuring out how things work and will often take on extremely daunting projects around the house personally rather than pay someone to do them.

5. I have a great aversion to calling people on the phone. It does not scare me, I just don't like doing it.

Now seeing as this was passed my way by my lovely SIL I guess I will have to pass it along as well. Sorry Nik but here you go

Friday, February 16, 2007

Not much going on. . .

Life has been very calm lately. I really kind of like that. Work on the house continues at a slower pace than I would like but I only have so much free time to put into it. I have totally gutted my 1/2 bath and will hopefully be putting down tile in the next week. My goal is to have the room reassembled within the next 2 weeks. The cold outside has not helped me with my ambitions since I have not really had the drive to go get the supplies I need for my projects. I am still working way more than I would like and will continue to do so until my townhouse sells. Even though I love paying the mortgage on 2 houses simultaneously I will be more than content to only have 1. Sorry this was not an earth shattering proclamation after such a long hiatus but then I really have nothing profound to share at the moment. Carry on all, the warm weather is coming.