Friday, August 31, 2012

Bass guitar build Post #31

It has been a while since I posted. The main reason behind that is the length of time it takes to build up the finish on this bass and the sanding that needs to be done between applications. I have finally finished buffing out the final 18th coat of clear, sanded the fretboard to 600 grit and oiled it, and started assembly.
There are issues with the finish (which irritates the hell out of me). I will never again use this product. Following the manufacturers instructions precisely did not put me in a happy place. Curing times were incorrect and subsequent coats did not merge with the previous coats properly. There is a little haziness in spots below the surface that is infuriating. Perhaps some day I will strip it back to bare wood and redo the finish but at this point I just want to finish the project and play this instrument.

Final buffing completed on the face of the bass.

Fretboard sanded and oiled.

From a distance of a foot or so the finish looks great. Nice reflections from the top coat.

Assembly begun. If all goes smoothly I should have this beast put together in short order. I still have to shape and file the nut as well as set up the bridge, intonation, and truss rod adjustment which will take a little while to fine tune.

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Black Wolf said...

Looking nice! Black really does set it off well and I think was the best choice.